Beasts of Prey


Patch 12 – Update Notes

The old world as you know it is gone. We are happy to present you a new exciting game-world full of new content. The last weeks we have been working very hard on the game and together with you we believe we have taken the game to the next level. The dinosaurs have been significantly […]

Update on the upcoming patch

Skills system implemented, added dinosaurs, nests, creating a new game-world, polishing the UI and fixing bugs. I have made quite some decent progress adding the things mentioned before. While skills have already been implemented on the server and the client the UI needs to be created and this appears to be taking longer than expected. […]

Stomping Jungle Update (Patch 11)

Roaming Birds, Quetzalcoatlus Dinosaurs flying on the horizon, a dense jungle – that is the new look and feel of Beasts of Prey. With this patch our game gets another major performance and graphics update . Pretty much all parts of the game have received further optimization and polishing. The graphics have been updated, the […]

PvE Server and Patch 10.1/10.2 Notes

Hello everyone, as some of your requested we have added a PvE Server today with special rules for those of your that do not enjoy PvP enviroments. The PvE server has the following different rules : - No damage to other players. - No damage to structures that do not belong to you. - No […]

Steam Summer Sale, -58% discount!

The Steam Summer Sale starts today and we’re are happy to give you a discount of 58%! The sale ends on 29. June. As already announced in the forum all existing owners of the game will receive a free key in about 1-2 weeks, in this case it does not matter whether the key normally […]

Early Access Release!

Countless sleepless nights, fast food and bleeding fingers. It was like a hard fight, but now finally there it is. We are pleased to be able to present you the Early Access of Beasts of Prey. To celebrate the day, each buyer and therefore supporters of our project gets a discount of as much as […]

New Trailer & Screenshots, Steam Store page online, Early-Access date set!

It took a little bit longer as expected but even Rome wasn’t build in one day! As promised, we’ve added some brand new screenshots and a new trailer about the current state of the game! You can view all the new stuff over at our Steam Store page. It’s also a good idea to add […]


Thanks everyone! We have now been officially approved on Steam Greenlight. We also want to apologize to you about the lack of updates, the last few weeks have been very busy for us. The entire team is working day and night to get the game up and running as soon as possible for the early […]

Our first trailer is online!

We’re proud to announce our first trailer and the start of our greenlight page (please vote for us!). While the game is still pre-alpha, we tried to show you the current state of the game and the different features, which we’ve already described on our features site. So relax, turn your volume up and enjoy the video. […]